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What is Alginate Dressing?

It is a product made by combining alginate extracted from natural seaweed with calcium. When exudate is absorbed, it forms a gel to create a moist environment suitable for wound healing.


  1. 1. Rapidly absorbs exudate to form a gel, creating a moist environment suitable for wound healing.
  2. 2. Applicable to wounds where a large amount of exudate is discharged with high absorption power.
  3. 3. Hemostatic effect by the calcium component of the dressing acting as a blood coagulation factor.
  4. 4. Applicable to various types of wounds.
  5. 5. Less pain as it does not stick to the wound when the dressing is removed.

Hemostatic effect of alginate

Calcium bound to alginate is exchanged with sodium ions in the body to supply calcium ions to the wound surface, which promotes the hemostatic reaction of the human body and provides excellent hemostatic effect.