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Foam Dressing

What is Foam dressing?

Foam dressing is a product used to protect wounds with a lot of exudate.
Hydrophilic foam quickly absorbs exudate from ulcers and bedsores,
and it maintains moist wound environment to protect wounds
while promoting healing.

Structure and Action

  1. 1. Protective layer (PU film) : A semi-permeable polyurethane film that prevents intrusion of water, foreign substances or pathogens from the outside while providing moist environment of the wound surface through excellent moisture permeability.
  2. 2. Absorption layer: Porous PU foam absorbs exudates from wounds and maintains a moist environment on the wound surface.
  3. 3. Wound contact layer: Various functions can be given by laminating or applying adhesives and functional substances.


  1. 1. Prevent scab formation and minimize scar formation.
  2. 2. Absorb exudate and maintain proper moist environment to the wound site.
  3. 3. Prevent the inflow of water and foreign substance from outside.
  4. 4. It has excellent absorption and retention power to prevent maceration on normal skin around wounds.
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