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What is hydrocolloid dressing?

Hydrocolloid dressing is form of mixing hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers in a paste form and applied to a flexible film as a support, it has self-adhesiveness and promotes wound healing by absorbing exudates and providing a moist environment.

Structure and Action

  1. 1. Protective Layer (PU Film) : Prevents intrusion of water, foreign substances or pathogens from outside
  2. 2. Absorbent layer and adhesive layer (Hydrocolloid paste)
    - Hydrophilic : absorbs exudate
    - Hydrophobic : Provides support and adhesion of hydrophilic polymers
    - Other additives: provides flexibility and functionality


1. Absorb exudate and give moisture permeation
2. Prevent scab formation and minimize scar formation.
3. Possible to take a shower.
4. Highly flexible so that it is convenient to apply contour body part.
5. Prevent outside water and foreign substance.
6. Absorb exudate and maintain proper moist environment to the wound site.