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How are you?
I'm Yoon So, Choi, CEO of T&L

T&L is constantly striving to maximize customer satisfaction through the best quality and service on the base of Environment-friendly and human-centered cutting-edge technology.

Among the chemical industries that lead a society changing and developing so rapidly, Polyurethane is an indispensable position from electronics, automobiles, and household goods as its characteristics are very diverse and its uses are wide.

T&L is a leading polymer technology company that has been developing various functional polyurethane-based materials since its establishment in 1998 and all T&L staffs have been working together with a vision to enrich human life.

Moreover, in order to pass on clean nature and healthy life to our descendants, we are committed to research and development with love for humanity and nature.
Thank you.

CEO of T&L Yoon-so Choi