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01 _ Hydrogel Dressing

Renogel N

Renogel N is a transparent type product that contains moisture. It is a sheet-type hydrogel dressing material that provides moisture to the skin, absorbs exudates, and give moisture permeability.

  1. 1. Hydrogel absorbs wound exudates and protect the wound.
  2. 2. Provides a moist wound environment to relief pain.
  3. 3. Provides cooling and calming effect.
  4. 4. Hydrogel hydrate necrosis tissue and removes it quickly.
  5. 5. The transparency of Renogel N enables to inspect the wound condition.
  6. 6. No residue when absorbing exudate.

02 _ Hydrogel Spray

Burn Cool Spray

Burn Cool Spray is Hydrogel spray which is designed to supply moisture to the burned area, sun burn area or dried scab to relief pain and first aid treatment.

  1. 1. Simple spray type for easy to apply.
  2. 2. Contains more than 95% of water.
  3. 3. Maintains and fixes on wounds without spilling out due to viscosity.
  4. 4. Removes heat and reduces pain with excellent cooling effect.
  5. 5. Suitable for application to the contour body part where hard to apply dressing.
  6. 6. No stickiness when applied to the affected area.