T&L Creative Hub.

T&L Creative Hub was founded in 1998 at the same time as the company was established, and was designated as an official company-affiliated research institute in 2000. Through ceaseless research and development, T&L Creative Hub is faithfully playing a role as a product development hub.


Frontiers Alive with Innovative THinking

T&L Creative Hub is devoting to research and development under the slogan "FAITH (Frontiers Alive with Innovative THinking)" in the sense of transcending new fields and product development with reliable research and innovative thinking.

T&L Creative Hub consists of a material R&D team and a biomedical polymer R&D team. The material R&D team researches functional polyurethane materials, environment-friendly waterborne polyurethane resins, structural adhesives, functional elastomer and environmental materials such as polyurethane microbial carriers.

The biomedical polymer R&D team is in charge of developing various types of wound dressings materials such as hydrocolloid, foam, alginate, hydrogel, and silicone. We are expanding our product line through the development of new products such as hemostasis material, smart patch, and TDS (microneedle). In addition, we are developing orthopedic products such as Nemoa™ Cast/Splint, and we are also playing a role in research and technical support for quality improvement.

Currently, approximately 30% of all employees are R&D staffs and T&L will continue to invest in the development of new materials, and creative concepts to lead the field of medical products and functional materials. Thus, we will take a leap forward as a new model of a R&D-oriented company that can proactively cope with market changes and then achieve customer satisfaction.

Quality Goals of T&L
  • Quality stability with zero customer complaints

  • Continuous products improvement and development

  • Compliance with global regulations and standards

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