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RenoCare Hydrocolloid Dressing (Standard)

  • Medical device
  • RenoCare Hydrocolloid is hydrocolloid dressing which absorb exudates, protect wound and supply moist environment to the wound.
  • Features
    1. 1. Absorb exudate and maintain proper moist environment to the wound site.
    2. 2. Convenient self-adherent dressing.
    3. 3. Highly flexible so that it is convenient to apply contour body part.
    4. 4. Prevent scab formation and minimize scar formation.
    5. 5. Possible to take a shower.
    6. 6. Polyurethane m layer prevent outside water and bacteria penetration.
  • Indication Hydrocolloid dressing is indicated for the management of light to moderately exuding wounds such as pressure sores and leg ulcers. Other indications include partial and full thickness wounds, donor sites, abrasions, trauma wounds, diabetic ulcers, post-operative surgical wounds and superficial burns.(1st and 2nd degree)
  • Size
    Type Ref. No. Size(cm) QTY/Box
    Standard HD14EN22 5x5 10
    HD14EN18 5x10 10
    HD14EN19 5x20 10
    HD14EN05 10x10 10
    HD14EN09 15x15 10
    HD14EN13 20x20 10